Kanan : an exclusive sohrai edition

This exclusive edit is an indigenious art form of Hazaribagh, Jharkhand. The oraon sohrai painting on handwoven fine tussar silk sarees are done by the group of artisans from Hazaribagh. Our exclusive curation reflects signature features of oraon sohrai hand painting that is – animal forms, flowers, bird forms, aquatic life and forest life. Characteristic palette colors – black, red, yellow and white using fabric paints as bold motifs with detailing and highlights are hand painted.

Sohrai Painting is a lesser known folk art form of India which deserves to be equally recongnized. Through our exclusive edit ‘Kanan’ we are staging ‘Oraon Sohrai’ for the world’s eyes.

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Saree Fall & Picot

₹ 200/- Note - Saree once customized with Fall & Picot won't be eligible for exchange.

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HERD & HERBS – Handloom fine tussar silk saree in peach has hand painted pair of bull and cow with herbal flower designs. Saree comes with a plain matching blouse piece.

Saree comes with pre-done fall and picot.

Product Details

Title – Sohrai Tussar Silk Saree

Weaving Technique – Handweaving

Surface Ornamentation – Hand Painting

Fabric – Pure Tussar Silk

Color – Peach

Zari – NA

Dimension – 5.3 Meters Saree & 80cm Blouse Piece
Width – approx. 44 inches

Wash care – Dry Clean only


Uneveness or irregularity – slubs, paint smudges is the charateristic mark of artisanal products

Product pictures are without any filters but appearance of color may vary in shade from screen to screen or even image to image due to variation in natural lighting.

Note: Last picture is closest to the actual product color.

More about art & artisans

Sohrai Hand Painting is a form of surface ornamentation technique practiced by the women artisans of Oraon, Kurmi, Santhal, Munda, Agaria and Ghatwal tribes of Jharkhand.

Traditionally, during the harvest season women used to paint the mud walls of their houses to welcome the harvest and celebrate the cattle. Jungle scenes/ forest life and aquatic life are some of the most hand painted scenes of oraon sohrai. Natural pigments are mixed with mud – Kali maati, Dudhi/ Charak maati, Lal maati and Pila maati to form Black, White, Red and Yellow respectively. Every color has a significance and a legend. Primitively, the art form was done on caves then it shifted to houses with mud walls. Today the cement walls, canvases also textiles & clothing etc. are adorned with sohrai painting.


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